Unforgettable Melodies: The Song that Accompanied Vincent and Jules’ Iconic Entrance in Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film “Pulp Fiction” is renowned for its unique narrative structure, memorable dialogue, and iconic characters. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the film’s masterful use of music. The soundtrack is a blend of rock and roll, surf music, pop, and soul, which perfectly complements the film’s eclectic style. One song, in particular, stands out for its association with the characters Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield’s iconic entrance into a diner. This unforgettable melody is none other than “Misirlou” by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones.

The Song: “Misirlou”

“Misirlou” is a traditional Eastern Mediterranean song, with versions in Greek, Arabic, and Turkish. However, the version used in “Pulp Fiction” is the 1962 surf rock rendition by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones. Dale’s version is characterized by its rapid alternate picking, which gives the song its distinctive, fast-paced sound. This version of “Misirlou” has become synonymous with surf music and has been used in numerous films and commercials since its release.

Why “Misirlou”?

Quentin Tarantino is known for his meticulous selection of music in his films, and “Pulp Fiction” is no exception. The choice of “Misirlou” for the scene where Vincent and Jules enter the diner was not random. The song’s energetic and somewhat chaotic sound perfectly matches the characters’ unpredictable nature and the tension of the scene. Furthermore, the song’s association with surf culture adds an additional layer of irony, as the characters are far removed from the laid-back, beach-going lifestyle associated with surf music.

The Impact of “Misirlou” on “Pulp Fiction”

The use of “Misirlou” in “Pulp Fiction” not only enhanced the scene in which it was used but also had a significant impact on the film as a whole. The song’s distinctive sound immediately grabs the audience’s attention, setting the tone for the rest of the film. Additionally, the song’s association with Vincent and Jules helps to establish their characters and their relationship. The song has since become synonymous with the film, and hearing it immediately brings to mind the image of Vincent and Jules walking into the diner.


In conclusion, “Misirlou” by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones is the unforgettable melody that accompanies Vincent and Jules’ iconic entrance in “Pulp Fiction”. The song’s energetic sound and association with surf culture perfectly complement the characters and the scene, making it a memorable part of the film. So, next time you watch “Pulp Fiction”, pay close attention to the music – it’s an integral part of the film’s unique style and narrative.